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Care Codeine Linctus 200ml

Care Codeine Linctus 200ml
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Codeine Linctus solution is helpful for those dry irritating coughs. It helps to supress the cough reflex and reduce the discomfort that you feel.

Contains codeine phosphate 15mg in 5ml. 
Please note that due to the nature of this medicine, legal restrictions mean that we can supply a maximum of 2 bottles of codeine linctus per order. This product cannot be purchased with other brands of codeine linctus. We cannot send this item to the United States due to US customs regulations.
For the relief of dry coughs. Codeine linctus is an effective cough supressant to help the symptoms of troublesome dry coughs.
Take the solution by mouth.
Adults, the elderly and children over 6 years: Take 1 x 5ml spoonful. Repeat after 4 hours if required, but not more than 4 doses in 24 hours.
Do not give to children under 6 years old unless your doctor tells you to.
Peel where shown for further precautions.
Active Ingredients per 5ml: Codeine Phosphate 15mg,Also contains amongst other ingredients: Ethanol, Invert Sugar, Sunset Yellow Dye (E110), Sucrose 4g per 5ml, Alcohol 1.8 vol%,Peel where shown for full list of ingredients


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